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Forum Guidelines

  • 03/07/2019 1:50 PM
    Message # 7205071
    James Hale (Administrator)

    Respect is the key to positive experiences in this forum. 

    Do not comment on a post unless you are expressing interest in the item.  This is to avoid confusion.

    Always include the following in every "For Sale" post:

    • Item description
    • Size
    • Price
    • Location
    • Mileage (if vehicle)
    • Title Status (if vehicle)
    • Will you ship if needed?
    In the "TOPIC" of the item, put a short description of what you have to sell, such as "Continuous 3-Light CF Bulb Studio Lights with Stands".

    Once the item sells please REMOVE the posting so that it's no longer listed.  Only active items should be left in this forum.

    You run the risk of having your post removed if you don't disclose all the information about the item.

    If the item is cross posted in other places, ie. Facebook, please include that information as well.

    Proper descriptions make transactions smoother!

    Order of interest.  This is not a bidding site. We do not approve of members being skipped without valid reason.

    Do not skip a buyer because he/she hasn't responded quickly. Give the interested buyer adequate time to respond before you move on. We will not ban people because they skipped you after you did not respond for an extended length of time.

    If you need to sell your item quickly, you can list your terms as First Come First Serve. This will allow the seller to move on to the next buyer if the first was unable to meet as soon as the seller would like. Sellers should still go in order of interest, yet they are able to move on much quicker. This does not open things up for selling to the highest bidder. If your item is FCFS it should state this in the ORIGINAL post.

    As the buyer, it is your responsibility to properly express your interest in the item. Asking questions does not necessarily convey an intent to buy, so if you want an item, you should always say something like, "Interested" or "Wanting to buy this but have a few questions." If you change your mind, post "pass" so the seller can move on, don't just leave them hanging.

    If you feel that you were treated unfairly during a transaction, send a message to the website administrator.  Please don't post in this forum about your frustrations over a transaction.

    Occasionally, you may encounter a bad deal in this forum.  It happens.  It is important to remember that admins cannot always deliver the results you want. We cannot force someone (especially someone who was dishonest from the start) to fix their error.

    Remember that buying an item on this forum is just like going to a garage sale: No guarantees and items are sold as-is.  It is the buyer's job to ensure an item works properly and is what they want before handing over any money.

    No sharing live video posts.

    No tv or phone service posts.

    Individual selling a vehicle? You may post, no problem. But please, post the mileage - it's always the first thing asked!

    You may not post the following:
    • Work From Home Opportunities, Party Plan business and other posts that lead to a third party website. (Avon, ItWorks, etc..)
    • Personal Business Advertisements
    • Recruitment Posts

    Bottom line is, you are responsible for your own transaction.  PPAGKC will assume NO responsibility for bad deals.

    Last modified: 03/20/2019 10:13 AM | James Hale (Administrator)

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