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The Many Benefits of Membership

As a member of PPAGKC, your membership offers you benefits that save you money, help you run a more profitable business and extend your network.

Find a Photographer

All Active Members get a listing on our website.


PPAGKC meets 9 times a year, on the second Monday of each month – September  through May. At least six of the nine meetings feature programs from photographers outside our area. The programs include such topics as Photoshop techniques, lighting, wedding and portrait photography, marketing, and many more.

PPAGKC offers scholarship workshops that are taught by members of the association. All money raised at these workshops is put into a scholarship fund. The drawing for the scholarships takes place at the May meeting, the end of the association’s fiscal year. The scholarships can be used at any photography school, such as Kansas Professional Photographers School, Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, and Texas School of Professional Photography.


Connecting with other photographers is a huge benefit of PPAGKC membership. The monthly meetings provide a way to establish connections and friendships in your community.  By attending meetings and joining our Facebook page, you can connect with professionals of similar interests, experience, and specialty. The more active you are in the association, the faster and stronger your network will grow. PPAGKC is a group of professional photographers helping other photographers.

Print Competition

PPAGKC is one of only three local PPA affiliations that are viewed as a State Affiliate in regard to the annual print competition. That means affiliated judges, those same judges that judge Regional and National competitions, come to Kansas City to judge your images. PPAGKC uses the National PEC rules as a guideline and allows you to see how your images may fare when taking them to the next competition level. If you are interested in earning your PPA Masters degree, this is an excellent opportunity to help you reach your goal.


Joining is as easy as filling out a membership application and paying the annual membership of $60 (an additional $10 application fee is added for new members). You can also go to and click on the JOIN link at the top of the page and our membership chair will contact you.

Scholarship Awards

PPAGKC awards scholarships to it's members to continue their education.

Financial Information

PPAGKC is a 501C not for profit. The financial information is available upon written request. Please contact any board member for more information.

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