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Our organizational ByLaws are currently under review by the PPAGKC Board.  If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to and they will be presented to the Board during the review process.  (Updated 12/11/18)


Professional Photographers Association
of Greater Kansas City


Revised May 13, 2008

The Constitution Of The Professional Photographers Association of Greater Kansas City, Inc.

Article I

Name of the Association

Section 1 – The name of the association shall be “The Professional Photographers Association of Greater Kansas City, Inc.” Hereafter referred to as PPAGKC.

Article II

Purpose of the Association

Section 1 – The purpose of the association shall be: The association exists solely for the good of its members. The association provides tools and educational opportunities for its members to achieve their business and artistic goals.  It is committed to an on-going exchange of information and experiences between all members in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Article III

Membership Classifications

Section 1 – The membership of this Association shall be composed of three classes:

  • A. Professional Members
  • B. Active Members
  • C. Friends of PPAGKC

Section 2 – Professional Membership -  Any photographer, artists, or individual involved in the photographic industry that holds a full paid membership in the Professional Photographers of America will be considered a Professional member of PPAGKC.

Section 3 – Active Membership - Any photographer, artist, or individual involved in the photographic industry that does not hold a full paid membership in the Professional Photographers of America but is a full-time professional photographer.

Section 4 – Friends of PPAGKC - Any part-time photographer, artist or individual involved in the photographic industry that is not considered a Professional or Active member of PPAGKC organization.

Manufacturers, representatives of manufacturers, processing and printing laboratories, and dealers and salespersons of photographic materials and equipment will be considered Friends of PPAGKC.

These members will not have the right to vote or hold office in PPAGKC.

Any PPAGKC bulletin sponsor is automatically considered a Friend of PPAGKC.

These members will not have the right to hold office or vote.

Article IV

Rights, Privileges, and Duties of Members

Section 1 – All members shall be qualified to take part in all activities of this association including holding office, voting and attending business meetings; except those members as mentioned in section 4B and section 4C.

Section 2 – There shall be only one vote per membership in the affairs of this association.

Section 3 – In the absence of a member, a member of the firm (if that member be a partner or officer of that firm) will be entitled to vote for that member.

Section 4 – Each membership in the association shall be listed and registered in the firm name.

Section 5 – Each membership in the association shall be listed and registered only in the name of one firm or studio. The association affiliation and emblem may be advertised and displayed only from the address stated on the membership application. If a member is the owner of, or in control of other studios or firms a membership must be obtained for each establishment that wishes to participate in the activities of the association. A member holding multiple memberships shall be limited to one vote in the affairs of this association.

Section 6 – Friends of PPAGKC shall be entitled to take part in all activities of the association.

Section 7 – Each member agrees to abide by the Code Of Conduct of the association.

Section 8 – Each member of this association shall agree to abide and be governed by the Federal Trade Rules of the Portrait Photographic Industry, as these rules apply to each member’s business, both in interstate and intrastate business.

Section 9 – Each member shall agree that upon termination of their membership in the association that they will discontinue the display, publishing and advertising use of the association emblem; or their affiliation with the association.

Section 10 – Each member shall agree to actively participate in the affairs and activities of the association; and promote, to the best of their ability, the purposes of the associations.

Section 11 – A member to be considered a participant in good standing must attend three or more of the first five regular meetings of the association starting with the September meeting. Any member who does not attend the required three meetings as stated above, shall not be entitled to participate in the print judging, hold office the following year, nor vote in the current year. All appeals subject to decision by the board.

Article V

Application for Membership

Section 1 – An application for membership in this association will be presented by the association membership chairman to the Board of Directors for investigation and consideration.

Section 2 – Upon favorable recommendation by the Board of Directors, the applicant shall be presented for membership. Applicants’ names will be published in the next monthly bulletin. If no objections are received before the next board meeting, they shall become members in the applicable category.

Section 3 – All questions on the membership application blank must be fully answered: and the application must be signed on both sides by the applicant.

Section 4 – The official application blank of this association shall be a part of the official records of this association and shall be on file with the Secretary.

Article VI

Membership Dues

Section 1 – All membership dues are payable a year in advance.

Section 2 – All dues are payable for the year on June 1st of each year.

Section 3 – New members who are accepted for membership after the fiscal year starts June 1st shall have their first year’s dues prorated as per the decision of the Board of Directors.

Section 4 – Friends of PPAGKC membership dues are waived for advertisers who advertise on a yearly rate.

Section 5 – Any member who fails to pay their dues by July 1st shall be notified by the Treasurer of the arrears. Such a member shall not be entitled to a listing in the membership roster published annually by the association. Failure to pay dues by September 15th shall be cause for cancellation of membership and forfeiture of any participation in the activities and benefits of this association. Such a member shall be notified by letter by the Treasurer.

Section 6 – Any member dropped from the rolls of this association for non-payment of dues must re-apply for membership prescribed in Article V of these by-laws. Any member so dropped and seeking re-installment shall not receive pro-rated dues.

Section 7 – Any member in good standing who shall be called into the military service of this country shall have their dues suspended for the duration of the military service. Such a member shall be deemed in good standing throughout such period of military service. No application for re-admission to this association shall be necessary for any such member.

Section 8 – A suspension of dues may be declared by the discretion of the Board of Directors, for the benefit of any member suffering from a calamity or impaired health.

Section 9 – A member in good standing may for good and sufficient reason, by application both in person and in writing, upon approval of the Board of Directors, have their membership suspended. The suspended membership can later be reinstated without obligation to pay dues for the period of suspension.

Section 10 – Any membership in this association can be terminated for cause, at any regular meeting of this association, by secret ballot of at least three-fourths majority of the members present.

Section 11 – An application fee of $10.00 shall accompany all applications for membership. This fee shall be deposited in the Scholarship Fund.

Article VII

Officers of the Association

Section 1 - The officers of this association shall consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and a Treasurer.

Section 2 – These officers shall be elected for a term of one year.

Section 3 - The annual election of this association shall be held at the regular meeting of the association in the month of April.

Section 4 – The elected officers shall take office at the May meeting and shall continue in office until successors are elected and installed.

Section 5 – The Board of Directors may, by appointment, subject to the approval of a majority vote of members present at the next regular meeting, fill a vacancy created by death or resignation.

Section 6 – Annual dues of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be waived during their term of office.

Section 7 – The Secretary of the association is appointed by the President.

Article VII

Board of Directors

Section 1 – The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of this association and five members representing the major divisions of professional photography within our association.

Section 2 – The Board of Directors shall have all powers specifically delegated herein, including setting policies, planning programs, investigating prospective members and conducting routine business of this association and subject only to specific direction by majority vote of the membership of this association.

Section 3 – The Board of Directors will be elected for a term of two years. Election each year will alternate between three and two members.

Section 4 – The Board of Directors shall have the authority to pass on and regulate the use of the association’s emblems, trademark and name.

Section 5 – The Board of Directors shall be elected at the regular meeting in April and take office at the regular May meeting.

Section 6 – The immediate past president shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.

Section 7 – The Board of Directors of this association shall be empowered to appoint Honorary membership to this association at their discretion.

Article IX

Nominating Committee

Section 1 – The President shall appoint a nominating committee at the February meeting whose function shall be to prepare a slate of one member for each office and position on the Board of Directors: and submit the slate for publication in the March bulletin to be voted on at the regular April meeting.

Section 2 – The President shall ask for additional nominations for all offices from the membership at the regular meeting in February.

Article X


Section 1 – Regular meetings of this association shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month for a total of nine meetings per year.

Section 2 – Meeting time and place shall be decided by the Board of Directors and shall be published in the official association bulletin.

Section 3 – Special meetings shall be called by the President or by any three members of the Board of Directors.  Notice of the meetings must be mailed to each active member so that the notice is received at least three days prior to the meetings. The call for such special meetings shall state the business to be transacted therein, and no other business not specifically stated in the call shall be transacted at such special meetings.

Section 4 – One quarter (1/4) of the members present in good standing, as shown on the records of this association, shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at regular, board of directors, or special meetings.

Article XI

Order of Business

Section 1 – The Order of Business at each association meeting shall be determined by the presiding president to include the specific needs necessary to conduct business at each meeting.

Article XII

Constitution of the Association

Section 1 – The Constitution may be altered or suspended at follows: Any member in good standing can present to the presiding officer at a regular association meeting, in writing, the proposed alteration or amendment. The presiding officer shall file the proposed amendment with the Secretary and shall also have the alteration or amendment published in the next bulletin  of the association. The majority of three-fourths (3/4) of all voting members present at the next regular association meeting shall be necessary for adoption of such alteration or amendment.

Section 2 – The Constitution or By-laws of this association cannot be suspended, either temporarily or permanently, in any manner, other than outlined in Article XII, Section 1.

Section 3 – All questions of Order, not covered by this instrument, shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, a copy of which shall be kept by the Secretary of this Association.

Article XIII

Official Notification of Association Business and Activities

Section 1 – The Association’s official bulletin and organ will bear the title “Professional Photographers Association of Greater Kansas City.” It shall be the official notice to members of all activities and business of this association. This notification can take place through traditional U.S. Mail services and by electronic notification to our membership.

Article XIV

Corporation, Registered Agent

Section 1 – In compliance with the corporation laws of the State of Missouri, the Board of Directors shall appoint a professional member, in good standing, to be the “Registered Agent” for the Professional Photographers Association, Incorporated.

Section 2 – It shall be the Registered Agent’s duty to fill out and complete the Annual Corporation report, attend to the sending of this report to the Secretary of the state of Missouri, before the deadline date, March 1st.

Section 3 – The association’s Registered Agent shall represent this association in matters pertaining to the incorporation, keeping the President and the Board of Directors informed in such matters.

Article XV

Disbursing of Funds of this Association

Section 1 – All checks drawn on association funds shall be signed by two authorized officers.

Section 2 – Any two of the following officers may be authorized to sign checks for the association President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary.

Section 3 – Flowers shall be sent to any hospitalized member of the association. Flowers, or a contribution to a designated memorial fund will be made in the event of the death of a member or the death of one of the immediate family of a member (father, mother, spouse or child).

Article XVI

Standing Committee on Ethics, Code of Conduct, Business Practices

Section 1 – The committee shall have two chairpersons, one for the State of Missouri and the other for the State of Kansas.

Section 2 – The two chairpersons shall be jointly appointed by the President and the Board of Directors.

Section 3 – The term of office, of either or both of the chairpersons, shall be until they are relieved of office by the President and the Board of Directors, or until their resignation.

Section 4 - The 1st and 2nd Vice presidents shall constitute the other members of the committee.

Section 5 – The committee shall report all its business to the President and the Board of Directors, and shall in all its actions, be subject to the President and the Board of Directors.

Section 6 – This committee shall handle all complaints from the membership of alleged violations of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Business Practices.

Section 7 – Complaints sent to this committee must be in writing and must fully set forth all details pertaining to alleged violations, and signed by the complaining members.

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