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How Much Editing is Too Much?

10/02/2017 9:24 PM | Anonymous

by Malinda VanDyne

Do you think of yourself as a photographer or as a digital editor? 

In general, do you spend more time with your camera or with your editing software? 

When you think of editing a photo, do you set any limits for yourself? Are you comfortable changing the content of your photo or do you limit your changes to style?

  • Style changes include adjusting hue, tone, or temperature; cropping; and background blurring.
  • Content changes involve adding something to the photo that was not there in the original image. 

From your perspective, how much editing is too much? When does changing the content of the photo make it misleading or false? Does your answer depend on the purpose of the photo? 

If your intent is to capture a moment in time, are you more inclined to limit edits to style changes? If your intent is to create a work of art, do you give yourself the freedom to make content changes? 

We must decide for ourselves how much editing is too much.

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